The film provide an insight into the environment of the kindergarten »Wilde 9« nearby Greifswald. It conveys a different perspective and invites us to reflect on the life and the learning process with children and their families. The question arises on how we will gain the ability to develop and live a real competent relationship.

Anja, Niemand, Hele Jensen, Manu Malveiro und Lucas Treise

The film is inspiring and will stimulate you to re-think our existing pedagogical methods and understanding and will develop it even further. People will be encouraged to take new paths. Watching the movie can also deliver simply fun. Furthermore this documentary is an invitation for all of us to design courageous relationships.

After a longer planing phase the shooting of the film of scenes and interviews started in summer 2019.

The filmmaker Manu Malveiro did most of the work. He carried out the whole camerawork and managed the film editing process . Time and again there have been meetings with the head of the kindergarten, Anja Niemand, and the director Lucas Treise. The film was partly supported by the crowdfunding website startnext.


DVDs can be requested through the contact form.

The film is in German language and has optional subtitles in English.

Length: 48 minutes

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If you have any questions, would like to buy the film or show it to an audience, please contact us here.

Furthermore the film can be used as an educational training and suits as well for many seminars in the pedagogical field. For this purpose connecting the team of the »Wilde 9« is possible on request.

More Information about the kindergarten can be found on the official website: (German)

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